by Butchered

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released August 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Butchered Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Punk Rock.

Butchered is:
Nick Cvijovic (Kansas)- vox/guitar
Colin Thomas (D Day)- bass/vox
Louis Steimel (Skymall)- guitar/vox
Vinnie (Don't Call Me Dr. Fuckface That's My Dad's Name) Dinwiddie - drums
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Track Name: Doesn't Matter Anymore
It’s 3am andI’m drunk and lonely/ These cigarettes are starting to kill me/ Awake all night from my anxiety/ My body feels like it’s fucking dying
But who gives a shit about anything when you’re constantly, all day, worrying
Well, it...Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

All these songs all sound the same/ and all these bands are overrated/ the sound’s become so fucking jaded/ but let’s just all push play again
Maybe it’s just my cynicism or may because I never listen
It...Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

I ain’t got no satisfaction/ and around here nothing ever happens/ our
cars are always out of gas/ and I can barely afford a fucking six pack
Same pair of pants for fifteen days because my couch keeps shorting me on change
Well, it...Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

Got a job but I fucking hate it/ and all my friends, they aren’t so
great and/ I don’t know why I’m always angry/ but, FUCK IT MAN, LET’S ALL GET WASTED!
I hope someday this all works out so like Metallica, I can sell out
‘Cause it...Doesn’t Matter Anymore!
Track Name: Cut Me Off
Something’s gotta give, I’m losing out/ I’m becoming everything than what I wanna be
Take a look/ I’m the Chicago Cubs of doing well/ Take me back to when I was fifteen…

Last night I thought that I felt fine/ but it’s never as it appears to
be/ ended up on the floor in my disgrace
Unreal standards but I still try/ so look me in my fucking eyes and
tell me/ that I should feel better

Cut Me Off! ‘cause I can’t stand
Cut Me Off! I can barely speak
Cut Me Off! I guess I’m not going home tonight

What’s it like to be seen as perfect/ from silver spoon to silver
Lexus?/ I’m happy to see you live so peacefully
Deprivation of satisfaction/ oversaturated media distractions/ it’s a
pity that you’re so blind to real life

I’m not going home

This aggravation/ can’t make it go away/ I’ve packed my fucking bags/ Got nothing left to say
Track Name: Nobody Move (or Steve Dodds Gets It)
I’m so tired of all these sleepless nights/ I don’t know what the fuck
to do/ All I wanted were some answers/ All I got were none

Maybe tonight I won’t smoke so much, maybe tonight I won’t drink so
much/ Maybe tonight I’ll get all I wanted/ Maybe tonight nothing will change at all

I’m so tired of all these stressful nights/ I don’t know what to do/
Other people make it look so easy/ It’s never been easy for me

This could mean so much more to me
Track Name: I Can't Be Friends With You (Tom Park)
Well I already know what you’re thinking, “How many times can this be said?”/ But nothing seems to go right, and I’m afraid I’ll end up dying/ and these fucking people I see, pretending they’re my friends/ and the everyday monotony, are the reasons I get pissed

Yeah, it sucks to fall in love with every girl that I talk to/ when I’m sitting traffic on my way back downtown/ I’m sick of all these suburbs that I can’t seem to ever leave/ Feels like I’m going nowhere, and that ain’ OK with me!

Why do I even bother trying?
I only seem to fuck it all up anyway…

Well everyone’s a critic, or an artist, or a fraud/ And no one’s
genuinely happy unless there’s drama going on/ I’d like to see them
fail at everything they do/ because nothing really matters (when you
hate the world around you!)

No more matter how many times I’d like to think to myself/ that my
life is going somewhere I just take a look around me/ and I see the
ugly faces of the people I despise/ I can only see the negative, I
can’t be satisfied!

Everybody’s got an opinion on how I should be/ But it’s gotten so damn complicated that there’s no room to breathe/ You don’t even know the truth, or what to say/ so I’m leaving this town for good, just
imagine, that’ll be the day